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Every project begins with an exploration of the client's goals for the project, their target audience, and project requirements. By gathering these details, Lead Dog can tailor a "Game Plan" to ensure what we provide aligns seamlessly with the client's vision and goals to provide the desired results.

  • Review Company Information
  • Outline Project Requirements
  • Provide Transparent Communication
  • Discuss Optimal Solutions

Game Plan .

Once we've identified the project goals and requirements we'll propose a solution(s). Whether it's a website to generates more leads or a new logo to rebrand we'll outline everything and a timeline to complete the work. We call it the "Game Plan" to a successful project.

  • Determine Solution(s)
  • Review Timelines
  • Explain Our Design Process


We'll provide an electronic proposal for review. The proposal will outline the scope of the project as well as pricing. Typically, we're able to provide multiple pricing options to ensure we meet our clients budget.

  • Outline Project Scope
  • Provide Pricing
  • Select Best Option
  • Collect Deposit

Design & Development .

The fun part begins! We get to work designing the project and will provide a link so the client can review and provide feedback during the design process, ensuring the final product is perfect.

  • Design Begins
  • Collect Client Feedback
  • Implement Feedback & Finalize Design
  • Prepare For Launch

Website Launch.

3, 2, 1, Liftoff! The new website is live and ready for use. From here, we can begin to track performance and begin to implement off-page SEO strategies (If desired) to increase visibility.

  • Website Goes Live
  • Generate More Leads
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Start SEO Strategies

Maintenance & Support.

We offer continued support even after the website goes live. This means any updates in the future (photos, text, etc.) we make sure the website always is current and up to date.

  • Includes Website Hosting
  • Provide Website Security (SSL Certificate)
  • Content Updates
  • Available For Any Questions

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